Expanding Language: Location

Welcome back, friends! The holiday season is upon us! As we decorate our homes and turn up the tunes, let's wrap up our discussion of using qualities to help our children and students describe and better understand new vocabulary. Today we will first discuss: Location As with categories, function, appearance, composition, and parts, describing where something belongs helps our children and … Continue reading Expanding Language: Location

Expanding Language: Parts

Hello again! We reconvene our discussion about the use of hands-on activities to target our students' understanding of the "qualities" of vocabulary words in order to enhance and expand their language skills. Today, we focus on the quality: Parts Many objects have identifiable parts. Recognizing and identifying these parts helps our children and students not only better … Continue reading Expanding Language: Parts

Expanding Language: Functions

Continuing with our theme of expanding language understanding and use by exploring the various qualities of target vocabulary and ideas, today I give you a new activity exploring the quality: Functions This activity will help your students/clients/children to explore the various functions of the provided objects, or, in other words what the objects do. Let's return to our … Continue reading Expanding Language: Functions

Expanding Expressions – Language Therapy

Calling all moms, dads, speech therapists, and teachers alike! I'd like to share one of the most dynamic tools I learned about in my speech pathology master's program. The technical name for the program is the Expanding Expressions Tool. Figure 1 Essentially EET (Expanding Expressions Tool) uses tactile/visual cueing to help students and speech therapy … Continue reading Expanding Expressions – Language Therapy

Extra Edition: Lifeonaire

The central purpose for this website is to share speech therapy ideas, knowledge, research, and inspiration. I have decided, however, that I would also like to share on my other passions in life, namely: faith, family, and real-estate. A recent discovery of mine encompases all three of these: Lifeonaire. Picture from: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R9R3Q2G/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 One of the … Continue reading Extra Edition: Lifeonaire