Expanding Language: Functions

Continuing with our theme of expanding language understanding and use by exploring the various qualities of target vocabulary and ideas, today I give you a new activity exploring the quality:


This activity will help your students/clients/children to explore the various functions of the provided objects, or, in other words what the objects do.

Let’s return to our previous example:

Suzy Speech’s paragraph about pigs currently looks like this:


Now we have Suzy use her “special qualities” – Quality 2 – What Does It DO:


Excellent! Suzy’s paragraph is really shaping up!

Now, what better way to have your students/etc. explore the functions of objects than to act them out???


Therefore, what I created is a type of charades, called, “What Does the Fox Do: A Function-Learning Game“? I have created cards for you to print out, fold in half, and laminate (if you so desire.) On one side of the card is a picture of the animal, object, or career person, and on the other side of the card is a list of ACTIONS that animal/object/career person typically does. Depending on the student’s level, you can have them act out and describe what they are doing to try to get you to guess what animal/object/career person they are -OR- you can model the acting and verbal description and have your student imitate what you do and say! I have even included a few pictures at the bottom of the handouts that you can cut out and use as props.

Click the text link above to check it out! And, of course, please let me know what you think!

Off to plan Expanding Language: Appearances before Emma wakes from her nap! 😉

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